Windigo Flash Fright Film Fest

We will be running a Horror/Thriller Film Festival and Competition as a tie-in to Windigo Fest. 


The Film Festival Kicks off with screenings of the 13 finalists, at the Capital Civic Centre in historical downtown Manitowoc, from our Flash Fright Competition.  This  contest will give independent and wanna-be film makers an opportunity to compete in two categories:  Trailers and Short Film.  Trailers, of no more than 1½ minutes, may be of actual or imagined films and may be sincere or satirical.  Short films are limited to 13:13 minutes. 


Every year there are requirements for each category.  These will be released on September 13 at midnight, and will be submitted on sept 26th by midnight along with the fee.  This will give all competitors a 13 day window.  Friday night, October 6th, we will show the 13 finalists in both categories in a randomly selected order and then award prizes. Both trailers and shorts will re-run between classic horror films for the rest of the weekend.

To enter there will be a fee of $13.13 for the short film and $6.66 for the trailer.

To submit your film, send an e-mail with the subject: "Flash Film Contest" to

In your e-mail include your name, hometown and a downloadable link to your video via online storage such as or . Many of these sites offer up to 10 GB's free storage.

(By submitting your entry, each contestant agrees to the terms and conditions of the contest, such as public and promotional viewing.)


Give it your best shot and your short film could be one of the top thirteen!

Tickets Available soon

The Rules are OUT!!


9:00          Swamphead (2011) 1hr 15m

                 A relic found at the bottom of a lake awakens the severed head of and acient and luckness Norseman. His retaliation will                  be bloody and gruesome. (Recommended for 17 and older)


12:00        The Gient Spider (2013) 1hr 11m

                 Christopher R. Mihm's films recall the style and sensibilities of the drive-in movies of the 50's. This time, atomic                              radiation has once again caused mutations, including an arachnid of considerable size.

2:00          This Woods is Cursed (2015) 1hr 22m

                 A film by Wisconsin's own Michael Butts. Five friends on a camping trip awaken the angry spirit of an executed witch.                    (Mild language and gore)

3:50          Q and A with Michael Butts

                 Independent Wisconsin filmmaker Michael Butts talks about the rewards and challenges of making your own films your                  way (with maybe a sneak preview of his current project). Through anecdote, example, and the question and answer,                        learn from someone who has a number of film under his belt.

5:00          Vampire Ticks from Outer Space (2013) 1hr 7m

                 What happens when an invasive species decides to eat us? Michael Butts has the Answer. (Language and mild gore)

6:30          Film Entries

7:00          Where the Great Spirits Live (2017) 26m

                 Manitowoc County's own Melonie Garner's latest film is difficult to categorize. This visual stunning films is part                                mystery, part, thriller, maybe even a love story?

8:00          Pity (2014) 7m

                 John Pata's intense film features popular local performer Jake Martin and a man struggling with inner demons in the                    wake of a failed relationship. (recommended for 17+)

8:30          Gags (short)

9:00          Screaming in High Heals: The Rise and the Fall of the Scream Queen Era 1hr 3m

                 This movie looks back fondly at the films (and rise to fame) of three of the Skin 'n' Scream Queens of the 1980's direct-                    to-video Horror market. (recommended for 17+ due to language and nudity)

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