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Miko Hughes from 'Pet Sematary'

In the 1989 film adaptation of Stephen King's Pet Sematary, Miko Hughes showed off his kill streak as zombie kid Gage Creed. The child actor went on to star in Kindergarten Cop, Apollo 13, Mercury Rising, and Wes Craven's New Nightmare before landing a recurring role on Full House as the adorable wisecracking Aaron. Miko will be at Windigo Fest all weekend....come on down and meet him!


Bill Gibson's Christine Movie Car is the most expansive, immersive Christine experience traveling today, now with fourteen years of thrilling fans under her wheels. Gibson took his passion for the 1983 Stephen King novel and film, and poured it into a loving restoration that stands as a detail-for-detail screen accurate representation of the titular homicidal vehicle, made of actual parts from cars featured in the John Carpenter directed horror classic.

The Glam Band

The Glam Band is made up of six guys with a love of 80's Hair Metal. The band plays only a handful of dates a year and puts on one hell of a show. Stop out and see us, but don't forget the Aqua Net!


Forged from the influences of two of history’s greatest bands, Beatallica are the world’s first live mash-up

or “bash-up” band.  Their wit, creativity, subversiveness, and flair are as sharp as the point they make.  Beatallica destroy the boundaries of creativity and reveal how original compositions of music can be crafted for those who identify with humor and biting commentary.  All the while, they show appreciation and reverence to The Beatles and Metallica, grandfathers of their respective genres.


Lockvibe is no stranger to the EDM music scene with being 20 years old and making music and playing music since the age of 14. With no certain style of sets you never know what to expect that’s what makes him so unique. 

Carlie Ihde- Master Pumpkin Carver and Artist

Hello! My name is Carli Ihde
I'm an illustrator, animator, painter, henna tattoo artist and sculptor.

At Windigo Fest I will be out and about carving pumpkins!

Dark Arts Circus & Cabaret

Dark Arts Circus & Cabaret is a collective of flow artists, circus performers, belly dancers, and cabaret artists based in the Fox Cities. Their mission is to showcase the diverse performing arts community in Northeast Wisconsin. Dark Arts Circus & Cabaret is best known for their high energy shows filled with wicked and wild visual delights. 

Paper Vally Paranormal

We are a group of paranormal investigators in the fox valley. We offer group investigations at local facilities and offer free home investigations.

Lakeside Luminaries

We are a fire and LED performance group! We spin poi, hula hoops, & staff. We also enjoy some extra play with fire!

The Crooks

Eric Hammers put together a metal guitar player a rock drummer himself the punk bass player and a skate punk singer and started the Crooks in 1989. In 1991 they finally played in two rivers to a packed venue and were off and running. The next year, after playing a show with Dee Dee Ramone Curt from Def Wisconsin, they were offered a 7 inch record deal and played some amazing shows.When the record sold out and the band disbanded. Now, in 2019 Eric was in Japan, on tour with his other band Deathwish, and the singer of crooks shows up at a gig and they got to talking at the merch table when the guitar player just happens to write Eric let's do the crooks again! What are the odds?! So the Crooks are back to do a CD of all their material and play Windigo fest in October which will be the first time playing Manitowoc in 27 years!!!!!!!


Combining her love of metal and the stage, Jezzibel is a sideshow performer. Preforming at venues in the Chicago area and throughout the Mid-West, her specialties include fire performance, snake charming, bed of nails, human pin cushion, and much more. You will see her many talents at many times throughout the weekend at Windigo Fest. 

Deadgar Winter

Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics, Hosted By Deadgar Winter and Celeste Parker.

Is A 2 hour ,Award winning , Horror/Comedy show that airs weekly on TV in different parts of Wisconsin and nationally in different parts of the country. Packed full of action and pretty girls we call Deadgar's Deadgirls.  

We show Old and Newer Horror/Sci Fi movies and Indi. Films. We have bands and Celebrities on show and are in our 7th season of airing.  

We bring to you a new and wild twist of Horror Hosting. 

Belly Dancers

Carrie and Istra are excited to make their belly dancing debut in Wisconsin at Windigo Fest!  From Louisville, KY, Carrie and Istra dance with Raqia Belly Dance/ The Studio in New Albany, IN.  Some of their performance venues include World Fest, Harvest Homecoming, Grim Trails, Louis-Villianz: Market for Mischief, and Derby of the Dead.

Sgt Discharge

We are a metal band from the northeastern Wisconsin area. We play a blend of very heavy originals and old school thrash covers. 


Three Martians, and a stitched together Humanoid Frankenstein bring you Original Horror punk, and ALL The Misfits covers you always wanted to hear.

Skully Sati

The mystical Skully Sati has been reading fortunes through Tarot for over 23 years. With a reputation as being eerily accurate, she answers questions regarding life decisions, love, career, and health. If you are looking for guidance leading you to the life you desire, a reading with Skully may be the first step to discover the answers you seek...

Da Gof Rockerz

Da Gof Rockerz are on a never ending tour of the cosmos. Which ever planet they crash into, the boys are always ready to jam and to scrap. Get ready for they have arrived, Da Greatest Band in Da Ooniverse, Da Gof Rockerz.


KALLAS  broke into Wisconsin's music scene consisting of former members of Megaton Blonde, High Treason, Clearer,  Tainted, Threat Level Midnight, The Project, and Fine Line. KALLAS is all about fun, high energy music leaving its fans wanting to come back for more and more. From tasty power classic's of the 80's to today's modern best, KALLAS  is sure to please.

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